The Product: The h2o2 Decon products use the same basic formulation with additions to the inert ingredients for special application needs.   Our SDS shows the validity of our claims:  Per manufacturer registration, this is a antibacterial, a cleaner, a mildewstat, a decontaminant, a deodorizer, a fungicide, an algaecide, and a virucide

h2o2 is less than 9% in Part B, and less than 4% in mixture.  This makes Decon Five a safe product compared to h2o2 products that are well above 30% h2o2.  Our pH is 9.2 and nearly 4 after mixing.  SDS is available.  Acceptable for food prep and eating areas and HVAC.  PPE is a minimum of a full face mask.  Dries in minutes allowing a quick return to normal activity.


Technical Review of Decon Five

Non-Exhaustive List of Effective Killed Contaminants

EPA Mildew and Fungistatic Test

CSU Mold Testing - Black Mold

Bed Bug Test Report (Arthro)

Testing and Research Results

Impressive List of References

Meth Lab Decontamination Report

Environmental Impact & Disposal