The Best Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic SprayerThe advent of electrostatic sprayers was a big leap forward in applications for infection control, odor removal, and mold remediation.  The downside for electrostatic sprayers was the $3000+ price tag, the weight, and dragging power cords and connecting hoses around the job.  The Victory electrostatic sprayer has changed the game in a big way.  The big news is the new Victory sprayers have cut the cord.  Instead of the trouble of dragging an AC power cord, these units are battery operated, but still have the energy to run for hours on one charge.  Or , add a second battery for several hours of continuous use.

It seems very smart to make this system into an easy-to-hand backpack sprayer.  The applicator is now unencumbered and can do the job in record time.  We believe this is the best electrostatic sprayer to hit the market.  The unit is powerful, durable, and runs for hours on one charge.  

For those who may not realize the real value of an electrostatic sprayer, the mist comes out of the unit with an electrical charge.  Typical ULV foggers have a directed sprayer, but quickly fill the room with the over-spray.  The over-spray is greatly eliminated by an electrostatic sprayer because it is drawn to object and clings.  So, the coverage by the system is considered better.  The spray will even wrap around to treat the hard-to-reach areas.

The second value is that an electrostatic sprayer generally uses less product to do the same job.  Depending on the price of the product applied, the electrostatic sprayer will get cover more square feet per gallon than a ULV fogger.  

Finally, when the over-spray mist can be an issue for certain jobs.  A place like a nursing home, day care, or gym may not want the concerns for a mist-filled room that can take up to four hours to completely settle.  So, the electrostatic sprayer is preferred.

At $1500, the Victory electrostatic sprayer is an amazing value for anyone offering spray treatments.  Buy Electrostatic Sprayer Here