Houston - Stabilize the Damage Now

For those that know someone or perhaps are one of the Hurrican Harvey victims, please take note.  The initial damage to homes and businesses is only part of the economic costs.  We are advising all home nad business owners to mitigate the further damages done by mold and contamination with a stabilization process that is applied regularly (weekly or monthly) to inhibit the other damage done after a flood.

Post-Flood Stabilization Program Product Page
Sanitizing Program

The other POST-FLOOD PROBLEMS are stagnation, pollution, odors, disease, and mold.  Days after the storm, flood victim families are gutting their homes, tearing out carpet, and throwing out furniture.  Of course, many of these home do not have electricity or even water.  So, the problems go far beyond a quick debris removal.  

h2o2 Decon can really help in this situation.  This EPA registered product is non-toxic and biodegrable, and it was oringinally developed for the military.  Decon Five is applied in a spray,mist, or fog to any and all areas of the flood-impacted house or building.  No matter at what stage the building may be, $10,000 in damages today can turn into $30,000 in damages a month or so later.  

Insurances companies want to help, but there are limits.  Even if your insurances covers your damages, it is unlikely that they will cover the extended damages that they will claim are not directly the result of the damage.  In addition, extra damages may be the result of NEGLECT, even if you did your best to clean up.

Stop Post-Flood Property Damages

Decon Five is a broad spectrum decontaminating product that treats multiple issues using a spray or fog-type treatment.  The work you do today to STABILIZE your home or building may save you tens of thousands in eventual repair costs when the workers finally get to your site.  And, it is the ability to recover that really matters in a flood situation.  Everything you do today allows your family, your business, and your community to spring back to semi-normal in the first year.

     1- Powerful Odor Elimination
     2- Kill mold and mildew on contact
     3- Leaves a mildewstat that inbihits mold growth
     4- Six-log sanitizing to kill bacteria, virus, protoza, etc
     5- Denatures blood, urine, and body fluids
     6- Neutralizes chemical residue

Yes, all this is accomplished with this All-in-One decontamination product that is still biodegradable, non-polluting, and leave no toxic chemical residue.