How to Stop Restaurant Sickness

Restaurant IllnessIf you are like other restaurant guests, there has been one of more times that you became horribly sick after eating at a restaurant.  Getting sick from restaurant food happens everywhere.  It can be a high-end restaurant or a favorite restaurant that you visit regularly.  There are a dozen reasons that patron will eat something that later causes nausea and abdominal pain.  The basic reason is that the food has been contaminated even though it looks just fine.

We know that hand washing is very important in food services, but faithful cleaning of the food preparation are is equally important.  However, it is just too easy to compromise the kitchen and service areas.  (image from

For example, nearly no one knows the meaning of "Dwell Time".  Every sanitizing product must stay wet on the surface for several minutes.  Unlike a soap product, sanitizing is not "Spray and Wipe".  EPA imposes a time frame of about 8-10 minutes for most sanitizers to kill off the worst of bacteria or virus.  Workers who are anxious to go home may clean the kitchen, we hope; but rarely observe the dwell time requirements of the cleaning or sanitizing product.

Food services should use a five log sanitizer.  That is 99.999% percent germ killing power.  That is impressive, but consider that the Minnesota Department of Health says there can be 229,000 germs per square inch on frequently touched handles.  When you calculate the surfaces workers touch, even once clean hands are reinfected in minutes.  How good is a 99.999% kill ratio against billions upon billions of germs in food service areas?

Decon Five raises the bar to a SEVEN LOG (99.99999%) germ killing treatment.  Without the use of harsh chemicals, Decon Five does some very important things in one quick application.  

  1. 99.99999% sanitizing power
  2. Dissolves grease and film that holds and hides germs
  3. Eliminates bad odors that haunt kitchens (and especially bathrooms)
  4. Neutralizes other chemicals left behind from various causes
  5. Kills mold and mildew on contact

The treatment is quite simple.  Decon Five is applied with a mist or fogging system.  It should be applied everywhere except on open food.  In fact, this sanitizing product is EPA approved for food preparation areas.  

The No Touch application is important because workers can treat more area with less time and manpower.  Compared to a serious cleaning and sanitizing efforts, the amount of work to reach all areas in the kitchen, service areas, bathrooms, and eating areas.  Portable fogging units allows one person to treat all areas in minutes.  Once the fog is cleared out or ventilated out, workers can do their normal cleaning knowing that the job is already mostly accomplished.

The process is simple.  After a general cleanup of the area, and the food and dishes are covered or stored; treat all areas with a fogging mist of Decon Five.  Cover all surface, high and low.  The product works quickly and begins to break down film and grease, so the cleanup work goes easier.  Once the air is clear, worker should clean all areas in a diligent manner.  Change water as you go from area to area or as needed.

In that Decon Five offers a seven log germ killing impact, destroys film where germs hide, and neutralizes other threats; we offer a powerful way to reduce or eliminate the spread of germs.  We know that sanitizing is a constant issue that involves behavior, good practices like routine handwashing, and how food is handled.  Decon Five is a quantum leap forward in protect the public health and the restaurant's reputation.  Whether done nightly or weekly, every restaurant should adopt this powerful disease prevention process that will greatly improve the smell, safety, and health of any restaurant.