Solving Contagious Diseases in Schools

Every year, contagious diseases run rampant through school systems.  The close proximity and interactivity of students allow diseases to move quickly through the student body.  The two basics for fighting the contagion is personal hygiene practices and diligent cleaning.  Right?  Well, how is that working?

Clean hands and clean surfaces are quickly compromised with the next sneeze or rub of the nose.  Sanitized surfaces are reinfected the next time one infected student touches a counter, door, or faucet.  It is the frequency of sanitizing routine and the killing power of the products that also make a difference.

Let's agree that cleaning is not sanitizing, although it is helpful.  Nearly any sanitizer needs 8-10 minutes wet on the surface to fully kill germs.  If the cleaning crew followed this sanitizing standard, they would never finish their work.  So, most sanitizing products are only mildly effective because the "Dwell Time" for sanitizing products are totally ignored.

Cleaning service work each night to keep ahead of the mess and debris.  It should be clearly understood the sanitizing is done on top of the cleaning program because cleaning is just not the best means to solve such problems.

When Norovirus, the flu, pink eye, chicken pox, MRSA, impetigo or shigellosis start to spread; cleaning crews ramp up as well.  This means extra cleaning products, extra work hours, and extra workers are required.

Add to this that schools are paid based on student attendance.  An empty seat can be a real dollar loss for the school that may be magnified many times over.  So, infectious diseases is not just about sick children.  It is also a serious money drain made worse if there are multiple waves of infectious disease during the school year.

h2o2 Decon 5 is a fantastic way to affordably augment the cleaning and sanitizing routine.  There are important reasons for this boast.  First, is the amazing effectiveness of h2o2 Decon Five against all types of bacteria and virus.  Secondly, these infectious threats can never develop an immunity to this product.  Third, it is easily applied in a fogging process enabling one person to treat a large facility in one evening.

Sanitizing with h2o2 Decon Five once a week is a very affordable solution, both in product and manpower.  Treating nightly will help break the back of a pending infectious threat when paired with other personal hygiene behavior, up-to-date immunizations, and diligent cleaning.  Sanitizing surfaces is the final link in the basics for infection control.

By the way, why not extend the sanitizing process to school buses as well.  A five minute decon with h2o2 Decon Five will destroy odd odors, neutralize chemical residue, and kill off lingering pathogens in these close-quarter vehicles.

Infectious diseases run their course, but the full impact of these diseases can be minimized.  Using h2o2 Decon Five will be the smart way to lessen the personal and financial impact that diseases may inflict.