Reputation Management and Proactive Marketing

Reputation ManagementYour customers want to know that your firm cares about them for more than the money they pay.  And, in the social media age, it doesn't take much effort to get multiple negative remarks out to the community.  A few bad comments can ruin thousands of dollars of advertising, and prevent the new customers you need from giving your business a try.

Of course, you are vitally connected to your workers to treat people well, and they can drop the ball too.  So, accidents happen, people have bad days, and maybe the food didn't turn out exactly as expected.  Worse yet, what will happen when someone get sick after eating at your facility?

Reputation managment requires a proactive marketing effort.  Let people know that you care by something more than verbal cues.  But, make sure that the marketing is more than hype.  With the OMG Sanitized seal on your front door, you know that there is substantial action behind the claims made for public health and safety.

It is best to start your campaign BEFORE anything can be negatively done.  Get your website and marketing people to post your month-by-month commitment to health and safety as an OMG Sanitized partner.  The Internet is about "What is Happening Now", so the ongoing commitment can have a multiple cycle of social media impact.

If your business is subject to inspection, you need more than a seal on the door.  You need to make your place a stellar example of health and safety.  The OMG Sanitized treatment will eliminate odors  ... including your bathroom and the back area that is always a problem.  If you get any problem from an inspection, we step up the effort so those areas of concern are effectively resolved with notice of same to the inspector.  Cool, huh?

The OMG Sanitized seal on the door is not something you can buy.  The OMG Sanitized seal is earned by engaging your staff and our professional services to create a safer, healthier, sanitized facility.

There are four steps to our program:  First, is our online training of your staff, and second, a simple posted policy to enforce.  Third is our monthly "Safety Net" sanitizing program that radically cleans and sanitizes your facility.  We are not a cleaning service.  So, it is still on your staff to do the cleaning with guidance from our team.  But, once a month, your facility is brought to a high level of cleaning and sanitizing in a proactive and professional manner.

OMG SanitizedThis seal on your front door is "Earned, not Bought", and we take pride in the assurance that our partner businesses are not cutting corners or neglecting the critical issues.  So, the once a month sanitizing program we offer comes with a scorecard for your cleaning staff (and manager).  You now know that your facility is the safe and health facility that your customers expect.

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