Effective Prevent the Spread of Kennel Cough

Solving Kennel CoughOdor Control, Kill Pet Diseases, and Destroy Mold and Fungus

Kennel Cough is one of Many Infectious Diseases for Pet Boarding and Day Care Facilities

Canine infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs. Kennel cough is most commonly associated with a bacterial infection caused by the organism Bordetella bronchiseptica. It has been well documented that treatment rooms and kennel areas can have high levels of viruses and bacteria.

Many pet diseases are hard to kill and easily spread in kennels and pet care facilities.  The solution is to install a daily protocol that thoroughly treats the common areas that allow the spread of disease.  Decon Five stands out of the best solution as an All-in-One treatment for odors, diseases, and fungus problems.

Stop the Spread of Kennel Cough

Daily treatment with Decon Five will significantly reduce the viral and bacterial infections spreading throughout kennels or play rooms, solving a major problem that boarding facilities face. In addition, Decon Five is a fantastic odor elimination product, and kills mold and fungus on contact.

And, Decon Five is easy to apply and environmentally-safe.  Killing odors and germs at a distance is never that simple.  Every sanitizing process requires actual contact time to serious solve the problem.

Contact Time is Crucial to Infection Control

Claims for air systems to treat diseases at a distance cannot compare to the ability to treat all surfaces with a seven-log sanitizing product.  Like treating odors by spraying the room with a fragrance, sprays cannot compete with a cleaning process that removes the source of odor.  Killing pathogens are more than a airborne issue.  They happily live in the film and residue of daily activities.  Therefore, sanitizing processes need to act like a cleaning process that goes to every possible pathogen-retaining surface.  

  • Decon Five destroys molds, fungi and yeast.
  • Decon Five eliminates VOCs and chemical residue from other cleaning products
  • Decon Five can quickly and effectively treat cages and kennels 
  • Decon Five will prevent the spread of Kennel Cough, Dog Flu, or other animal diseases.
  • Decon Five kills mold, mildew, algae, protozoa, and yeast

Decon five is easily applied with a portable foaming system.  After a general cleaning, apply Decon Five in a foaming treatment, then wash away after ten minutes.  The product is biodegradable, leaves no toxic residue, and allows immediate reentry of the animals.