The All-in-One Product

If you search the Internet, you will quickly discover that hydrogen peroxide is quickly becoming the "New Super Ingredient" for many health services as well as environmental remediation.  In fact, hydrogen peroxide is actually an "Oxygen Delivery System" that does not leave chemical pollutants once applied.  Be aware that there are categories of hydrogen peroxide products.  Some are for personal care, health, and beauty.  Others are industrial.  And, some for cleaning, sanitizing, and decontamination.

How h2o2 Decon products far exceed simple hydrogen peroxide
Activation causes Inert Ingredients to become Destroyers of Targeted Threats  

While hydrogen peroxide is included in the products, the unparalleled power is that Part A "activates" the ingredients in Part B.  And the Part B activates the ingredients in Part A.  This is not just a hydrogen peroxide product, but a product with Targeted Power for the worst environmental threats.  Activation of the inert ingredients supercharge the process; but after the job is done, all ingredients biodegrade that has no adverse environmental impact.

decontamination product

The concept is unique, but simple.  The hard work is done in our EPA monitored plant where technical combination of ingredients is a fine artform.  The applicator has one simple task which is to mix Part A and Part B in a 50/50 mixed, let blend for five minute, and apply with a ULV fogger.  The impact is profound, consistent, yet safe.

  1. Carpet cleaning is amazing.  But we also destroy odors, detoxify, and decontaminate the carpet without toxic chemical residue.
  2. Mold Remediation.  Use for early knock down for worker safety, direct mold kill, and mildewstat to inhibit future mold growth
  3. AIr Duct Treatment:  Use the misting system to decontamination air ducts after they are cleaned.
  4. Remove Foul Odors.  Fog or spray product to destroy odors and the source of the problem
  5. Neutralize Contaminants, chemical spills, pesticides, blood and urine, and petrochemical deposits
  6. Hoarder home odor knock down, gross sanitizing, neutralize biological threats
  7. Flood and Fire decontamination.  Prevent future damage from mold, chemicals, and odors
  8. Drug house decontamination where the product neutralizes the worst chemical threats

Our activated hydrogen peroxide formulations can effectively treat many difficult applications.  Consider the value of our ONE PRODUCT for many problematic applications.

TRAILER DECONTAMINATION:  The trucking industry already knows the problems presented by carrying a variety of products.  One load of goods may contaminate the next.  If that next load is food, the health threat can be huge.  If bad odors transfer, chemicals cross over, or germs spread ... the liability is huge and liability immense.  Serious cleaning must break up film, spills, and contaminants.

Now, a quick spray application can decontaminate trailers to destroy odors, residual chemicals, pathogens, and more.  Since there are no chemical residues, odors are destroyed, pathogens eliminated, and chemical residue neutralized, liabilities are reduced and spoilage is prevented.


POLICE, FIRE, and EMERGENCY VEHICLES:  The decontamination and extreme deep cleaning of transport vehicles have even broader applications than the trucking industry.  Police, fire, and emergency vehicles are constantly exposed to other threats.  This may include blood, urine, and body fluids.  Police may encounter pepper spray or drug house chemicals.  One example is fire department that answered a call became infested with bedbugs that spread to the homes of the firefighters.

When there is one goto product that can reliably decontaminate the vehicles, equipment, and even the clothing; first-responders now have the assurance that problems on the job do not become problems elsewhere.  Our products can be easily applied and deployed anywhere.



Hoarder Home CleanupDecontamination is different than cleaning.  Foul odors, regardless of cause, are warnings of danger.  the Decon Five product goes directly to the source of the problem and neutralizes it.  The problem may be as simple as cigarette smoke, pet odor, or cooking odors.  h2o2 Decon solves every kind of odor problem by destroying the course of the odor whether a biological or chemical source.  

Decon Five can be used for far more serious odor and chemical treatments as well.  This includes death odors, hoarder homes, and terrible tenants who trash the building.  Use as a pre-treatment to minimize worker problem.  The decontamination of biological threats is important to workers.  Complete odor elimination is a huge value to workers as well.

Decon Five can be used after a fire or flood to clean, decontaminate, and decontaminate the building. It will mitigate the probability of mold infestation, and neutralize the chemicals now spread throughout the building.


All our Decon Five products produce a high-level of effecacy against nearly all biological threats.  Removing the biofilm is a critical issue.  Germs, irritants, and pollution hide in the biofilm maing most sanitizer only partially effective.  Decon Five break down the biofilm allowing the germs and contaminants to be more effectively treated.

Applying Decon Five if and when there is a fast-spreading threats is yet another use of this product.  Schools, day care, gym, or workplace will find that this product can effectively decontaminate large areas in a minimal amount of down time.