Activated h202 Explained

Activated h2o2In a world of exaggerated claims, it is worthwhile to understand that products claim may be misleading.   Most hydrogen peroxide products are "enhanced", "boosted", or "modified" because the manufacturer adds other ingredients to the mix.  That is not activated hydrogen peroxide.  So, mixing other ingredients may enhance hydrogen peroxide, but does not properly fit the idea of activation.

To activate something, the process initiates a way to speed up the process or cause a reaction that is well beyond routine expectations.  Activated products have a shorter time frame when they are very, very effective.  Rather like a skyrocket that explodes in the air.  It may not last long, but it does make a huge impression.  So, an activated product cannot sit on the shelf for weeks and still have the same power.  

Think of gunpowder like in our skyrocket.  If you stretch out the gunpowder in a fuse, it will burn for minutes with only minor impact.  If you pack the gunpowder into a cylinder as a load, it explodes in an amazing display or power, light, and sound.  That, my friend, is the difference between a store-shelf (stabilized) product and our activated product.  The difference is amazingly different though they have the same basic ingredient.

Is blue paint an enhancement or an activated version of white paint?  Is vitamin D milk an enhancement or an activated process of regular milk?  These are enhancements because they are a variation or alteration of the basic concept.

Here's the core of the Decon Five product as an "Activated Hydrogen Peroxide".  Decon Five comes in two gallon bottles (Part A and Part B).  When you need a highly effective product to solve a problem, you mix the two parts in a 50/50 mix.  This causes a cross activation that is more than activating the hydrogen peroxide.  In fact, the two parts activate the inert ingredients causing a multiplying of the targeted benefits and activation that last eight hours.  

Let's compare the pre-mixed solutions to an activated product.  If the pre-mixed product can sit on the shelf for six months, then applied as a treatment.  Where is the "Activation" period?  If I activate a light, it goes from one state to another more intensive state.  Where is the activation switch for a pre-mixed product, or was it just enhanced by adding other ingredients in a homogenous mix?

This is why h2o2 Decon Five is so much more effective than any comparative product.  It is activated when mixed giving a much higher level of decontaminating power than its competitors.  More than activating the hydrogen peroxide, the hydrogen peroxide actually activate the other ingredients so the product does multiple jobs at the same high degree of effectiveness.  Hence, the claim as a broad spectrum decontaminations product.

So, users get s seven log rated sanitizer.  They also get an extremely power odor elimination impact.  Decon Five also kills mold and mildew on contact.  Decon Five will break down the biofilm and protective barriers to deliver a more complete solution.  Decon Five will neutralize VOCs, TICs, and chemical residue.  All of this in ONE PRODUCT, meaning companies can lower the liabilities of storing dozens of hazardous cleaning products.

Yes, this product is still biodegradable and leaves no toxic chemical residue.  The product can sit on the shelf for ten years; but once mixed there is an eight hour period (a normal work cycle), where the product is at 100% power.  

Finally, we use hydrogen peroxide differently than the others.  While their product contain 20-35% hydrogen peroxide, and that level is a safety issue.  Decon Five contains only about 4% hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide is the "Activator" ingredient, not the primary ingredient.  Cross activation used by Decon Five is a very different approach compared to other activated hydrogen peroxide products.  The broad spectrum power of Decon Five is because the hydrogen peroxide activates multiple inert ingredients to solve multiple problems with one highly-effective application.