After the Flood - Avoid Health Issues

After the Flood - Mold ProblemsWith all regard for flood victims, I feel it is very important to address the other issues for those returning to post-flood, damaged homes.  The cleanup process is more than the clean-out of debris and spraying out the mess.  The common mistake of using bleach water is troubling.  Yes, bleach will kill mold and get rid of some of the contamination, but you are adding even more water to the soaked materials, and that can lead to more mold problems.

Bleach does not effectively kill mold.  It is a step in the right direction, but the problems in homes are much more profound.  

Mold is a huge concern!  To get ahead of the process, do not think of saving any flood-damaged goods unless they have personal value.  Be brutal and tear out wet carpeting, and throw out all water damaged furniture.

Remove all water-damaged drywall.  The standard is to cut higher then the water stain height, and remove it.  Think in terms of 18", 24", and 48" because you will be replacing with 48" wide drywall during reconstruction.

Dry out the stud walls with fans, blowers, or be open access to fresh air.  Do not start to rebuild yet.

Decontamination with Decon Five is critically important.  First of all, Decon Five will kill all latent mold, the roots of the mold that bleach will not reach, and injure mold spores that are spread throughout the house.  But, do not stop at a mold-prevention process.

Flood waters are filled with sewage, contamination of all types, chemicals, and organic matter.  So, there will be a persistent odor issue.  And, without decontamination, the house will retain pollutants that can make this a "Sick House", even if the mold is fully remediated.

A broad spectrum decontamination program will cover all these important issues:

    - Destroy all odors at the source
    - Kill all mold and mildew

    - Provide a high level sanitization
    - Neutralize all chemical residue
Denature all organic threats

If you close up a wall without decontamination, you are sealing in all the toxins, mold spores, and chemicals that will now stay in the house for decades.  Since homes are a "Closed Air System", you can expect these threats to become a big part of your life.  Frankly, who wants to live with a toxic environment?

This takes us into the less-understood area of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  The are we breathe is more than a balance of oxygen and nitrogen with a measure of humidity.  It also carries, dust, dirt, pollen, ash, chemicals, smoke, insect parts, and fecal material.  There are other gases that even a HEPA filter won't catch.  Gases known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are profoundly shown to be a real threat to our health.

The solution is simple when you have the right treatment.  Decon Five is a EPA registered, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-polluting treatment that will completely decontaminate a home, office, school, or workplace including a full mold killing process.