Aqueous Ozone has Met it Match

Aqueous ozone is an amazing concept that some might call engineered water.  Ozone can readily dissolved water, but that is a short term process.  Ozone will escape from water in about thirty minutes.  Ozone is a very good oxidizer, so it quickly goes to work to destroy odors, kill pathogens, and neutralize several common chemicals.

Aqueous ozone does noy dissolve grease and isn't appropriate for mold.  In addition, aqueous ozone equipment is expensive and needs routine maintenance.  It is delivered in a heavy, low-pressure spray which delivers about 3 gallons per minute.  So, aqueous ozone wets things excessively.

Decons Five seems to outperform aqueous ozone because it is pretty much a failsafe system that avoids the shortcomings of aqueous ozone.  The application system is affordable and reliable.  All you need is a good ULV fogger.

The delivery is a fine mist that dries in minutes and using the coveted "No Touch" system.  Decon Five can match and exceed aqueous ozone making it a game-changing concept.  Decon Five will easily eliminate all types of odors in one pass.  It will powerfully decontaminate the facility, kill mold, and breakup biofilm and grease..