Sanitize your Restaurant or Business

Superior Sanitizing SolutionWhat is hurting your business?  Is it an mysterious or odd smell that you cannot solve?  Smells are natures' method of warning people to "Stay Away, or Do Not Eat".  Thin about it.  If you wonder is the milk is good, the food is safe, or something has spoiled; what do you do?  You smell it.

Is your restaurant, gym, office, or office is a healthy place to work or visit?  The reality is that the indoor air quality (IAQ) is a big deal.  There is more to it than smells, but smells are important.  

IAQ threats are immediate and long-term.  Bacteria and virus, for example are an immediate threat.  Salmonella or botchulism are fast acting health problems that can make your best patrons so sick, they never come back.  In schools, workplace, or gyms bacteria like pink eye, MRSA, or ringworm can also severely impact your reputation.  In the age of Social Media, disease outbreaks can destroy thousands of dollars in advertising and good will.

Besides diseases, there are other environmental problems.  Odd or funky smells are never acceptable in a place of business.  Bad odors evoke the primitive reaction that tells people to stay away.

Long-term threats are not as urgent, but can be a growing health issue where you work, visit, or shop.  One of the best examples is mold and mildew.  Mold does give off an unpleasant smell, but there is more to wooer about.  Mold are also firing off spores that can be harmful to your health, and mold also produces mycotoxins.  As you might guess, mycotoxins can affect your health.  In some cases, you might sneeze or feel tired.  For others, they may get a rash or have an allergic reaction.

Mold wears away at your health through your immune system.  So, it may be a non-issue today, and it could cause asthma and COPD later in life.

Finally, we live in a polluted world, and we make the indoor air quality worse with everything we bring into the building.  Dust mites inhabit carpets, bedding, and furniture.  The dust contains pesticides, insect parts,  and dried insect feces.  The cleaning products add more residual chemicals.  Sprays and candles leave other deposits.  We shed millions of skin particles every day.  Pollen and mold spores are mixed into the dust.  And, then there is the stuff from the outside air that never leaves.

With all that in mind, is cleaning enough?  Or, is sanitizing even enough?

Here's the full answer.  To make life and home healthy, we need to clean, sanitize, detoxify, and decontaminate.  Cleaning is like moving the scrapes off the table.  A nice start, but not nearly enough.

Taken all together, your home, school, gym, or office has something called a "Bioload" which is a measure of all the things mentions so far, but includes VOCs (volatile organize compounds).  VOCs are gases from evaporating/drying materials around us.  So, when you use bleach, you smell the fumes from the bleach, right?  That is actually a nasty VOC that isn't good for you.  Furniture, carpet, and building materials are manufactured products with glue, paint, and fabric.  One of the common additives that is used in building materials is formaldehyde.  That is a bad VOC too.

How Do We Clean The Air?

The furnace filter is good, but not a solution.  Worse than that, those air fresheners, candles, or sprays are adding to the real problem although they smell good in the moment.  Your HEPA vacuum is another good air, but won't solve VOCs, mold, or bacteria.  HEPA filters cannot filter gas or remove odors.

Cleaning is a fundamental duty, but even the best cleaning can't fixed poor indoor air quality.

The OMG Sanitized treatment is a quantum jump in our quest for a healthy home, school, gym, or workplace.  This spray treatment does several things that nothing else can match.  The spray system works in any environment to remove odors, kill bacteria and virus, kill mold and mildew, and neutralize chemical residue or VOCs.  Regardless of the application, if this process is used in conjunction with a good cleaning program that overall improvement in the health and inddor air quality will be dramatically improved.