A Better Air Duct Treatment

Air Duct CleaningCleaning the air ducts is something that should be done after years of normal living.  Unlike the rest of the house, the air ducts never get cleaned.  Yet, they collects a little bit of everything that happens in the house or building.  The more activity there is, the more likely the air ducts need a good cleaning.  Air duct services should use an approved product to sanitize the air ducts.   Here is an excerpt of the SDS also found in the EPA registration:

Product destined to be used exclusive by professionals. Antibacterial, virucide, fungicide, algaecide, deodorizer. The product is a cleaner and disinfectant for professional use in hospitals, collective central kitchens, food storage for human consumption, commercial and industrial establishments. 

 It is specially formulated to disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces, the environment, materials, equipment and furniture that are not in contact with food products or animal food.  Works on ground, air, HVAC systems, ducts ventilation, filters and hospital waste. 

In case the product is used on food contact surfaces, the surfaces will need rinsing with potable water before coming into contact with such foods. This product deodorizes areas where it is difficult to maintain a fresh smell, such as basements, restrooms and other areas exposed to odors.

More than a duct cleaning treatment, Decon Five can be used to sanitize, deodorize, kill mold, and destroy odors anywhere in the building.  This All-in-One treatment offers a better solution to building odors, unhealthy air, and hidden mold.

It seems the Decon Five offers a better way to treat well-used home by treating the air ducts and the whole house or building.

Air Duct CleaningThere is one distinct advantage of any air duct cleaning service in the OMG Sanitized network.  To illustrate the comparison, cleaning your air duct may be like washing your smelly feet but not washing the rest of your body.  The air ducts represent the problems throughout the house, so why not treat the whole house at the same time?

The air duct cleaning service should offer the odor elimination, detoxification, and sanitizing of the whole house.  Your OMG Sanitized air duct professional can offer a whole house sanitizing at the same time they do the air ducts.  It only makes sense to treat the whole house to a sanitizing process.

When considering the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of the home, there is more than a hundred times more surface and cubic air space than in your air duct system.  The dust in the air ducts is also throughout the house.  The house has had more contaminant exposure from sicknesses, dirt, hands, food, pets, chemical cleaners, and even insects than the air ducts. 

Most people bath their whole body, not just their smelly feet.  It all begs the question if cleaning the air ducts is important to the indoor air quality, why not clean all the air?

The OMG Sanitized system uses a spray/misting system that easily treats the air ducts when properly applied after the cleaning.  The same misting system is used throughout the house to all surfaces, furniture, drapes, walls, and carpeting.  The mist treats every square inch of air in the house grabbing and neutralizing all pollutants, VOCs, particles, and dust.  When the mist is ventilated out, the indoor air quality is amazingly clean.  And, many people who suffer from allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, and respiratory issue literally breathe easier and sleep better.

Don't just clean your 1% of your indoor air problem.  OMG Sanitized air duct cleaning service can clean 100% of the IAQ threats in one treatment.