Superior to Bleach - None of the Problems

Better than BleachBleach is cheap, and it does kill germs; but at what costs?  Today, we face a silent epidemic of health care and cleaning workers who eventually develop asthma, COPD, and respiratory issues after years of working with cleaning and sanitizing products.  Years of exposure to the fumes (known as VOCs) from cleaning and sanitizing chemicals wears on the health of workers who are first hand to the cleaning products.

The BIg Appeal of Bleach is that it is Cheap.  And, to be fair, it does kills germs .... if you leave it on the surface for enough time.  This period of sanitizing is known as "Dwell Time", which can be about 10 minutes for the 99.9% germ killing claim.

99.9% germ kill sounds good at first, but not as good as the 99.99999% claim by Decon Five.  When you realize that germs can number in the billions for a normal room, which level of sanitizing do you want?

But, beyond the obvious, the delayed impact of fumes from cleaning products should be a much bigger concern.  So, we all know the "Bleach Smell" after cleaning or sanitizing with bleach.  We have been acclimated to think of this smell as clean.  That smell are the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are a treat to the health.  

Just put your nose over the spout of the bleach bottle and smell... Not pleasant right.  It is enough to make your body gag and cough with just a sniff.  

Here are the things that Decon Five can do, which bleach cannot or does worse:

     - No VOC or toxins emitted during application
     - Kills mold down to the root, bleach does not completely kill mold

     - Eliminates odors are the source by natural oxidation
     - Neutralizes residual VOCs and toxins from past products
     - Can be used to fully clean carpeting
     - May be use in food prep and serving areas
     - Delivered in a "No Touch" manner, so no cross-contamination
     - Denatures blood and body fluids

     - 99.99999% (seven-log) sanitizer (bactericide, virucide)
     - Used as a moldicide, fungicide, algaecide
     - Removes post fire smoke odors and decontamination
     - Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a proven process

Decon Five costs more than bleach, but is does so much more in a much safer manner.  Decon Five is a "Broad Spectrum" product because it does so much with one product or treatment.  To be fair in a price comparison, how many other products would a company need to purchase to do all the above?

When it comes to actual cost, look beyond the bottle price.  How much work in the form of man-hours does it take to maintain the building?  Decon Five is delivered by a "No Touch" misting system that covers even the hard-to-reach area in minutes.  If done in advance of cleaning, the work is goes much quicker; and that saves money.  There are no solution buckets to change out, no mops to trade between rooms, and no rags to exchange.  The net effect of the labor side of cleaning and excellent sanitizing is huge.

Add the pre-treatment of Decon Five to your cleaning program.  The 99.99999% No Touch sanitizing is a minor change to your cleaning program.  It is a real value to the health of workers.  And, the process should save money for the company while improving the indoor air quality, disease control, and environmental threat concerns.  The fact that Decon Five is extremely effective to eliminate bod odors, decontaminate all types of environmental threats, and neutralize residual toxins makes Decon Five the smart choice by those who care about health and safety of the home, school, gym, restaurant, health care facility, or workplace.