The Better-than-Ozone Business Concept

Many have found ozone to be a very-promising odor removal business.  In truth, ozone is great at destroying odors, but it can be an awkard solution.  First of all, ozone treatments takes hours to apply, and the family or workers must vacate the area until the ozone is cleared out.  The Decon Five is a spray mist that can be applied in about an hour or less, and people can enter just 10 minutes after the treatment.

Ozone leaves a strong odor for a day or so.  Decon Five leaves a mild "soap smell" that is is full gone by the next day.

Ozone is topical and does not get down into carpet, fabric, or furniture.  Decon Five is applied in a mist, but can be used to saturate pet urine areas or used in a carpet extraction machine to clean and deodorize the carpet better than anything else.  By the way, carpets are almost always a big factor for odors.

Buying and maintaining ozone machines is a big expense.  Hauling two to four machines in an out is laborious.  Plus, there is the first trip to set up the units, and a seocnd trip to retrieve the units.  "Time is Money, you know".  Decon Five is always a "One Trip" solution, and that makes your business more profitable.  All you need is a ULV fogger than is affordable, durable, and easy to transport.

Ozone converts some chemicals, but not all.  The most common VOC or chemical residue is formalehyde.  Ozone does not eliminate this VOC, but converts it to another form of aldehyde that may be as bad, or worse, than the original gas.  Decon Five is neutralize and destroy all types of chemical residue, VOCs, and pollutants without concern for the final results.

Finally, ozone is primarily an OXIDIZER, but so is hydrogen peroxide as found in Decon Five.  But, Decon Five has multiple actions in addition to oxidation that will nullify far more environment polluatants.  If you are in the ozone or odor removal business, or thinking about getting started, please call or email me to discuss your options.  We like both ideas, but there are reasons that hundreds of former ozone services are now using Decon Five.