Better Than any Ozone Generator

For those who are absolutely sold on what an ozone generator does, this information will be a little discouraging until you read why the Decon 5 formula is really another oxygen delivery system that is more efficient and offers more benefits.  Decon Five is a unique formulation using hydrogen peroxide to activate this incredible spray treatment.  

  1. Perform the same job in a third of the time
  2. No strong ozone odor after treatment
  3. No gas produced, so the PPE is just a cotton face mask
  4. No machines to buy or maintain
  5. You cannot over-treated a job and embed the ozone smell
  6. Decon Five solves more threats than ozone
  7. EPA registered without any environmental concerns

That was the unkind comparison of Decon Five and ozone.  But, here is why you want to consider Decon Five.  Ozone is primarily an oxidizing gas.  Decon Five is an oxidizing liquid.  They are brothers from another mother ... so to speak.  They both us an oxygen atom to provide the basic oxidizing action.

A spray or fogging application is very easy to apply giving the product direct contact with any threat.  Decon 5 breaks the biofilm that protect pathogens, pollutants, and chemical residue.  

  • If Odor Elimination is your claim to fame, Decon Five is extremely effective.  If is powerful enough for trauma cleaners and death odors.  It will eliminate skunk smell, pet odors, and stubborn smoke odors.
  • If you treat for Mold and Mildew, Decon Five will kill mold and mildew on contact.  And, it neutralizes mold spores.  
  • For Sanitizing or Disinfection, fog the product to achieve a 99.999% (six log) kill of bacteria and virus.  No immunity possible.
  • Our unique blend of surfactants break down all biofilms and barrier films allowing the product to reach deeper into fabrics than ozone.
  • Denatures the proteins in blood, urine, and body fluids, etc making them no threat.
  • Neutralizes residual chemicals VOCs, TICs, and chemicals of all types

Why run an ozone generator (or three generators) for hours, make multiple trips, and worry if the treatment solved the problem?  Decon Five is an activated product that is mixed from a 50/50 mix of Part A and Part B.  Unlike off-the shelf products, Decon Five is at peak power for an eight hour cycle delivering an unparalleled level of decontamination power.

Yet, this highly-effective product is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-polluting, and environmentally safe.  Though unmatched in power during activation, this is probably the safest product you will ever find besides water.

Do you haul around ozone generators back and forth to jobs?

Do you have ozone generators that don't work, or barely work?

Do you have jobs that didn't turn out as good as they should have?

As good as ozone is, and it is good; Decon Five has been a quantum jump forward.  By looking at our Applications page you will find that Decon Five has more practical applications, a minimal period of vacating treatment area, and a higher level of effectiveness.  So, read over this site and determine if it is worth trying something that could improve your service and your profits.