The Better-than-Ozone Business Concept

Many have found ozone to be a very-promising odor removal business.  In truth, ozone is great at destroying odors, but it can be an awkard solution.  First of all, ozone treatments takes hours to apply, and the family or workers must vacate the area until the ozone is cleared out.  The Decon Five is a spray mist that can be applied in about an hour or less, and people can enter just 10 minutes after the treatment.

Hydrogen Peroxide and to treat Anthrax

NIH has completed a study of the use of various ways to kill and deactivate some very nasty germs.  Hydrogen peroxide was part of this well-documented study.  A hydrogen peroxide spray is a solution to the anthrax threat.  But, it is known that hydrogen peroxide does not penetrate well, and biofilms can protect germs from most biocide treatments.  When, a proven surfactant is added, result may be much improved.

Here is an excerpt of the NIH study"