How Cities can Clean up Homeless Odor Issues

It is hard to address the homeless issue from a community health perspective.  These people are without normal hygiene, bathroom, or privacy.  So, it is no wonder that the waste from vomit, urine, and feces will cause serous health concerns for cities.  With drugs as a rampant and underlying liability fo the homeless, it is unlikely that there will be a solution to this community problem.  The community needs to provide services to rehabilitate the homeless to a stable lifestyle.  However, there is the other reality that the odor and health issues must be addressed as well.  To that end, we are suggesting the adoption of a environmentally-friendly spray system that will eliminate odors, seriously sanitize, and even neutralize the pollution of chemicals in areas where this problem is an active problem.

Decon Five is used from 30 gallons tanks with a pump spray system.  Whether on a truck or ATV, workers will routinely treat the problem areas once clear of people.  The spray works quickly to decontaminate the area, and a water spray follows to rinse the area and move debris into the sewers.   The advantages are that the Decon Five process is biodegradable, leaves no toxic residue, and treats areas at multiple levels.

Decon Five also has a special blend of surfactants (soap-like ingredient) that will breakup grease and films.  Repeated use will erode even heavy film and grease.  Of course, any problem areas can be agitated with a stiff bristle brush.  Empty trash canisters can also be treated to reduce odors and gradually un-gunk these containers.  

Another added benefit of Decon Five is that it will kill mold, algae, and fungus on contact.  We view Decon Five as a true All-in-One cleaner, sanitizer, mold killer, and chemical neutralizer.  We suggest a "Pilot Project" with Decon Five that is delivered in two 55 gallon containers.  Whether applied with pump-up sprayer, or power sprayers; the process is a quick, effective, and safe way to remediate the contamination and pollution that can be the source of serious health threats.

Treating Vagrant Feces Vagrant Urine treatment Cleaning Vagrant filth
Remove Vagrant Feces Vagrant Cleanup Removing Vagrant problems
Remove Vagrant Feces

Vagrant feces

After spraying Decon Five and allowing it to work, hose the area with water.  Contamination is neutralized.

Odor Removal in City Vagrant problem

Odor check to make sure the problem is better.  This is best used in target areas where vagrancy has caused serious odor and disease concerns.

Decon Five is a product that uses only a 4% hydrogen peroxide mixture to activate the several inert ingredients in the product.  This is an A-B mix that is mixed 50/50 as needed and is at full strength for 8-12 hours after mixing.  It is water soluble, and will not pollute the waterways or pose an issue at the water treatment center.  Decon Five is, therefore, the most effective and efficient way to decontaminate, deep clean, deodorize, mold kill, and clean any area without the worry of a harsh chemical product.