Decon 101 for Veterinary Clinics and Pet Care Facilities

Odor Removal Pet CareWhy is decontamination of veterinarian clinics and pet care facilities better than your best cleaning efforts?  Well, for the same reason that a toolbox is better than a tool.  Why settle for one or two options when your facility could literally have the full service?

Here are the big issues for kennels, veterinarian clinics, pet day care, or pet shelters:

   1 - Clean up of poop, urine, and even vomit
   2 - Bad odors
   3 - Controlling and preventing diseases
   4 - Toxic chemicals that might harm animals

Cleaning is necessary, but not nearly enough.  Sanitizing is generally poorly applied, but still one one solution.  And, getting rid of odors seems like an impossible task.  

Decontamination covers all the above threats, so why wouldn't the best practices for pet facilities.  Decons Five covers solves all the critical cleaning issues for veterinary, pat boarding, and animal shelters with one eco-safe product that is easy to apply.

In addition to cleaning, deodorizing, decontaminating, and neutralizing chemical residue; Decon Five is biodegradable, and does not leave chemical residue or pollute your facility.  Apply Decon Five prior to a washdown to loosen grime and neutralize contamintants.  Hose or spray down for fast, effective decontamination that allows immediate use of the facility.