Decontamination of Emergency Vehicles

Decontamination of Emergency VehiclesEmergency vehicles are generally clean and well cared for.  Emergency vehicles take a lot of abuse as they serve the public interest.  Police cars hold an immense variety of very strange and abusive people.  The people a police car may transport can be filthy, bleeding, diseased, drunk, or on drugs.  Though not always the case, the foul odors from vagrants, intoxicated, or odd folks the police encounter cannot deter them from their duty.

In like manner, ambulances must respond to some horrendous places.  They may pick up someone suffering from chemical exposure and burns.  Patients may be bleeding or covered in vomit.  They may also be vagrants infested with fleas and badly soiled.  And, there is the potential of blood, urine, and feces that make their job more difficult.

Fire fighters encounter soot and residue from fires that are toxic and noxious.  They assist people who are injured and unconscious.

None of these awkward conditions are intended to denigrate those who are helped by emergency services, but this brings us to how these services must be extra cautious to maintain their vehicles and equipment.  Any cleaning product they use should not add to the toxic threats already on hand.  And, they must be aware of the additional impact on their equipment.

Decon 5 is perhaps the best opportunity these fine public servants may have is it is not just EPA registered.  Decon Five is a non-toxic solution that sits safely on the shelf until mixed.  When applied, there is no toxic concerns during or after application.  There is no chemical residue or potential of harm to their equipment.

Yet, h2o2 Decon Five will solve a multitude of environmental threats with just one product:

  • Decon Five will denature blood, urine, and body fluids making them harmless
  • Decon Five will eliminate foul odors at the source
  • Decon Five will provide a seven-log pathogen kill on all surfaces (hard or soft)
  • Decon Five will neutralize any chemical residue (including drugs like meth)
  • Decon Five is essentially a full decontamination of any room or vehicle in a fogging/misting process
  • Decon Five applies quickly and dries in about ten minutes (faster than hand scrubbing)

Decon Five stores on the shelf for up to ten years as stable product, even if it is partially used.  When needed, mix Part A and Part B for eight hours of full potency.  Smaller treatments like cars or ambulances can be applied with a simple spray bottle set on mist.  Or, use something like a Fogmaster Jr that can be bought for about $125 at a local hardware store.  This holds about a quart of product, which is enough to treat a dozen or more vehicles.