Environmental Health and Wellness Advisors

Health and Wellness AdvisorWe know that there is an little-known group of non-doctor health consultants in every part of our country and world.  Other than the homeopathic and therapeutic services, we know that there is an impact on Environmental Health and Wellness.  While doctors, medicines, and treatments are intended to treat the person; we are neglecting a huge issue by sending people into unhealthy living conditions.  An Environmental Health and Wellness Advisor is a new idea.  We look to improve the every participating facility (residential or commercial) using four easy-to-follow steps that are flexible to the type of operation.  They are:

1- Cleaning Basics Instruction (Simple ideas for Cleaning and Cleaning products), generally avaialbe online for various cleaning circumstances.
2- A set of Healthy Protocols  (Posted Set of Ten Healthy Cleaning)
3- Monthly Detox and Sanitizing Treatment (Done professional as a Safety & Detox process)
4- A Friendly Feedback of Best Practices (Status and Observations for a Healthy Building)

We know that deliberate and effective cleaning integrates with the overall health and safety of a building.  For example, how often do people ignore odd smells or the presence of mold and mildew in some obscure area?  Odors are natures way of telling us that something is going bad.  If ignored, an annoying smell can be a serious health problem.  The same is true of mold and mildew.  All mold is allergenic, and some mold is toxigenic.  In fact, we have TEN BASIC PROTOCOLS that need to be routinely a part of the daily conscious for health and safe buildings.

An Environmental Health and Wellness Advisor are sympathetic to health issue without being a medical worker.  Their focus is on the health and environmental safety of the house, building, school, or gym.  As an advisor, an EHWA compliments the medical or chronic health issues of people and businesses to lessen localized health threats and improve the health quotient of the indoor environment.

Environmental Health and Wellness Advisors work under the OMG Sanitized banner to maintain a professional set of standards, effective protocols, and support systems for all types of indoor health protocols.  The EHWA are not cleaning services.  They offer a once-a-month sanitizing process that augments the cleaning program already in place.  In that capacity, the EHWA is a intermediary that is sorely needed by wellness service, business managers, and customers.

Doctors may help heal our bodies.  Nutritionist can guide us on what to eat.  Fitness instructors will coach you to physical fitness.  But, who is solving the environmental issues we face?

We offer online and live classes for those who are interested in dealing with those in community to provide a safe and healthy home, school, day care, gym, or workplace.