Environmental Remediation Multitool

Environmental RemdiationIt seems that the full impact of Decon Five may be so multifacted that applicators are missing opportunities to use this product.  Initially, Decon Five is a cleaning product because of the amazing blend of surfactants that break down and deep clean better then standard cleaning product.  If you put this mixture in a spray bottle, you will discover that it cleans better than anything you have seen.  Therefore, you can get very precise and close up to the problems you encounter.  Decon Five is one of the very few product that will clean and neutralize curry smell.  (It Cleans)

The trouble with a multitool is that we rarely use it to the extend we might.  It may be used as pliers or a knive, and all the other aspects forgotten.  We are familair with having a tool for each project, not one tool that does it all.  And, I see this as a neglected blessing.  

In addition to a great cleaning product, this product neutralizes odors more effectively than ozone because it can go deeper than ozone.  Pet urine odors are an example of problems that reside in the carpet, padding, and subfloor.  Ozone is topical and treats what is readily available.  Decon Five can treat the same surface, but can be saturated down to where the deepest problem resides.  (Odor Removal)

When it comes to mold, foam or spray Decon Five on the area to immediately kill mold and mildew, but also to prevent the spores from firing when the mold is distrubed.  When the mold remediation is done, sweep all the air in the building with a ULV fogger application that grabs and cleans the air from all spores and particles.  Your final spore test will be amazingly low.  (Mold Kill)

Breaks the protein bonds of biological threats, Decon Five replaces the more dangerous  products with a broad spectrum decontamination product that destroys biological threats from the inside-out.  This no-touch system eliminates the many man hours for hand cleaning, and financially allows the treatment to be applied routinely to break the back of an infection.  (Decontamination)

Amazing - One Remediation Tool that Does So Many Tasks Extremely Well

Mix Decon Five for Carpet in a 1 to 9 mix with water in a carpet extractor or pre-spray full strength to clean, deodorize, and sanitize carpet like no other product can do.  (Carpet Cleaning)

For smoke smell in the building, use the ULV fogger and Decon Five for Air to treat all areas, furniture, and carpet to cancel smoke smell.  Cigarettes have many chemical additive that cling to everything via the tar they contain.  Decon Five for Air is one of the best chemical neutralizers anywhere.  Treating all areas will have profound impact of the smoke smell.  When the problem has yellowed the walls, apply Decon Five in a foam spray then agitate with a bristle brush.  (Cigarette Smoke Treatment)

Treat for chemical sensitivities and environmental illness by using the ULV fogger to treat the air and all surfaces.  Decon Five products will neutralize VOCs, TICs, chemical residue, and allergy threats.  People should experience immediate and positive results after the treatment.  (Detoxify and Decontaminate)

Approved for Food Prep Areas and Air Duct Treatments

Use Decon Five in a foaming spray for biohazard areas.  Decon Five breaks up the proteins in blood, urine, and body fluids.  It destroys foul odors.  And, it sanitizes the area from pathogens. Use a ULV fogger to "knock down" bad odors and generally santize so workers are not threatened.  Then, apply in a foam to directly treat and contain biohazrd threats.  (BioHazard Cleanup)

Becasue of the special surfactants in Decon Five, you will discover that films and grease will be penetrated and more easily removed.  The routine use of Decon Five destroys the films and grease that hold pathogens, odors, and contamination.  (Degreaser)

Okay, Decon Five is pricey.  But, what would you pay to buy, store, and haul around a dozen single-use products?  Decon Five is a "Multitool for Remediation Treatment".  It gives you the ability to do more with less.  But, you will still need to learn how to use this properly to get professional results.  We offer a free "Applicator's Course" for those that request it.