Feces and Urine from Vagrant Problem

Cleaning up Vagrant feces and urineWithout a negative comment twoard the vagrant problem in many cities, the health and odor issues that are being encountered are huge.  The growth of homeless people is a serious social concern that is only made worse by the rampant drug abuse problem.  And, in the end, this seems a long-term problem that requires solutions at many levels.  Cities in southern states have a worse homeless problem that those in the north, but homelessness is everywhere.

Decon Five is one of interim solutions to the problems of homelessness.  It will not solve the homeless plight, but it can prevent the health, sanititation, and odor problems that happen because the homeless do not have the cleaning, bathing, and bathroom options that we all need.

The problem as it is today is areas of foul, unsanitatary contamination that occur from trash, homeless pets, homeless people, and deprivation of personal care options.  Therefore, we see trash, vomit, feces, urine, and filth that smells awful and presents real health concern for everyone.  

Decon Five is the ready solution that can be loaded into spray tanks and rapidly applied to quickly remediate these problem issue.


We invite city decision-makers to explore a non-polluting solution to vagrant and homeless puclic health issues.