Foaming Sprayer Applications

There is no doubt that some jobs need a longer exposure to the product to get the best results.  Since, Decon Five has a special blend of surfactants, it will work tremendously well in a CAF (compressed air foam) application.  In normal circumstances, you can expect about 8-10 minutes before the foam is gone.  And, the overspray with an ULV fogger is non-existent.  Using a wand, the foaming sprayer allows easy reach to narrow and hard-to-reach areas.  

So, the applications we anticipate are mold remediation, pet boarding kennels or doggie day care, restaurants, and treating curry or smoke tainted areas.  Remember, Decon Five has a pH of 9.2 and is about 4% hydrogen peroxide, so it will not discolor or bleach surfaces other than what water might affect.  With only minutes on the surface, the corrosive impact is virtually nothing.

There are three options for application of Decon Five, and this is very helpful to know.  We can stick with one product, but change how we apply the solution.

We use a ULV fogger for its ability to treat the target area, but also the overspray is useful to sweep or treat the air in a broad reach method.  

The electrostatic sprayer is more targeted and has less overspray because of the electrical charge that causes the product

The foaming sprayer is very direct and limited in scope.  There is no overspray, and we also get a longer "Dwell Time" for sanitizing to break down film and grease.  For example a dog kennel or doggie day care would allow a quick deodorization and sanitizing program followed by a quick spray down.  Use foam for treating tobacco-stained walls prior to brushing or wipe-down, to cancel the odor and remove the film.

The foam application would be perfect for schools and universities to quickly treat vomit, blood, or urine.  Decon Five foam covers the problem and works to denature the threat.  The same process would work for trauma or biohazard clean.  The foam momentarily encapsulates the threat, and works to neutralize the odor or pathogenic concern.

Since  Decon Five is an All-in-One product, the question is how broad or targeted the treatment needs to be.  If your service has these three systems on hand, the choice of product is a no-brainer.