h2o2 Decontamination

h2o2 decontamination refers to the incorporation of hydrogen peroxide as the primary ingredient.  In fact, straight hydrogen peroxide is a sanitizing agent, which is pretty good, but still limited in the scope of what it can do.  So, the new batch of hydrogen peroxide cleaning and sanitizing products all claim to be the best of the bunch.

Decontamination, however, is a high level of achievement since decontamination covers almost any type of environmental and health threat.  So, sanitizing is a good start, but there are more challenges we may face on multiple jobs.  It can be the odors of post-fire, mold and sewer water after a flood, or heavy cigarette smoke after a long-term tenant moves out.

Those who are in the heavy cleanup, remediation, and mitigation services; the problems can vary and might even be multiple threats.  So, cleanup services must carry multiple products in the hope that they have what it takes to get the job done.

Decon Five is a broad spectrum product that means it is an All-in-One product that can be used to effectively resolve the vast majority of problems those in the decontamination business face.  So, the effectiveness of a product is very important to a successful treatment.

Any h2o2 decontamination product that is "stabilized" is likely pretty good, but not as powerful as a truly activated hydrogen peroxide product.  As you will eventually discover, most off-the-shelf products are stabilized meaning they do not lose power over time.  But, there is a price to pay for stabilized hydrogen peroxide products.  Stabilized product are not, nor cannot be, as powerful as an activated product.

Activated products are mixed at the time of use to bring maximum power to the task.  Activated products can be 200-300 times more powerful than their stabilized counterparts.  And, when your service is being paid to do the job, you want "The Good Stuff" that makes you look like a hero.

As an All-in-One product, the remediation service will love the ability to carry one product that does it all.