Hurricane Flood Recovery Services Needed

Hurricane Flood RecoveryAmerica has taken the double punch of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and Hurricane Irma in Florida.  The devastation is immense, and the recovery from the flood waters will take two to five years before life truly gets back to normal.  

As most flood victims soon realize, the flood is only the first of the hazards to property.  Post flood mold is a huge concern, and neglect can turns a $40,000 repair into an $80,000 repair.  So, for those who are willing to do the work, here are some important tips to getting your life and your home back to a little bit of normal.

First rule is to get proactive and throw out everything that got wet.  Take pictures before you do for insurance claims.  Send pictures to the cloud in case your phone gets ruined.  Do not try to save carpeting.  Cut it in sections, roll it up and get it out with the padding.  

Then, cut the drywall higher than the flood water.  Generally, you will remove 2' to 4' since replacement drywall comes in 4' wide sections.  Once, the area is cleaned our to the stud walls, use fans to help the drying process.

We suggest a "Flood Stabilization Program" that treats the whole house to prevent mold and kill any mold that may have started.  Decon Five is a spray-on treatment that kills mold and mildew on contact.  Decon Five is a full-blown decontamination product that will eliminate odors, sanitize, and neutralize the odd chemicals that were in the flood water.

Apply Decon Five as soon as possible, and repeat the process monthly until the house can be restored.

Our program is seeking anyone in the flood-impacted areas to offer the "Post-Flood Stabilization" program as a much-needed service.  If your company offers cleaning, mold removal, carpet cleaning, odor removal, or similar services; we invite you to contact our offices.

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