Decon Five is our proprietary blend of a cross-activated remediation product, and you will not find this product through any other source ... even if they claim to have something "Like Decon Five", don't be fooled by brag and bravado.  

We manufacture a high-quality solution in an EPA registered and monitored facility.  And, various hydrogen peroxide-type solutions are often years behind what our international laboratories and research has developed.

Decon Five is only available to PROFESSIONALS because we expect and require extremely good result with each application.  

Training is offered online (briefly) and in live classes (regionally).  Safety concerns are minimal, but the application processes change with the type of threat you may encounter.  Decon Five is a kind of universal solution for odor, mold, toxic threats, and infectious disease.  Knowing how to use the product is the critical factor for fantastic results.

Mold Remediation Service - Air Duct Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning
BioTrauma Cleanup - Hoarder Home Cleanup - Odor Removal

Step up to something new and better.  There is much more to the remediation industry than most realize.  In fact, the broad scope of remediation service is divided over products, brands, and theories.  There is now ONE UNIVERSAL remediation product that works like nothing else on the market.  It is safe, easy to apply, highly-effective, biodegradable, and leaves no toxic residue.  This may be that long-sought "Miracle in a Bottle", but we jealously guard our concept and program.  We seek professionals who want to dominate their industry, and this is a rare open door to those who want to be the best in the business.

We even Warranty the Job when our Product is Professionally applied.  Companies like the assurance that there is more than your word for protection, but a full national warranty of the product that doesn't exclude 99% of common problems.  Decon Five is a product you can trust and use with confidence.  There is a learning curve as you discover just how many application solutions can be resolved with this extraordinary product.