Odor Removal is Complex

Highly advertised odor removal products offer a quick fix to odor problems.  The easiest way to deal with odors is to mask them with another scent.  Of course, this is not a solution because the homeowner must routinely buy and apply the fragrance product.  This is great for the product producer, but not for you.  If you read the label, you are actually adding to the bioload of the house by adding complex chemicals to your living areas.

Some will use candles to put a scent into the air, and some might use incense.  What seems to be a good idea to improve the scent, but these solutions add ash, soot, and deposits throughout the house.  

Cleaning is always helpful.  The more extensive the cleaning, the better the results will be.  Cleaning rarely reaches all problem areas.  Air ducts, for example, are impossible to clean.  Odors can be part of the biofilm that exits in every home.  Some odors are down in the carpet and padding that avoid our best efforts to resolve

The only way to tell if your house or office has a smell is to pay attention when you return home from the fresh air.  It is common that people living in the building become immune to the smells that are constantly in the house.  In fact, did you know that even workers on a pig farm no longer smell what visitors smell.  We can learn to tolerate conditions that always around us.

Since smells are complex, the solution must be complex as well, but it helps if it doesn't also add to the bioload in the building.

Decon Five is considered a Detoxification and Decontamination product.  The product is not only biodegradable and leaves no toxic residue, it collects and neutralizes all types of chemical residue.  Decon Five will eliminate all kinds of odors, and it detoxifies the area as well.