Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide

Ozone Odor Removal

You may already know that ozone and hydrogen peroxide are similar in many ways.  Fundamentally, ozone and hydrogen peroxide are oxidizers.  Both ozone and hydrogen peroxide use an extra oxygen atoms that detaches to oxidize many types of environmental threat.  And, both are considered environmentally-safe as long as they are applied in reasonable amounts.

Ozone is O3, compared to O2 in normal air.  Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2, which resembles H2O, which is water.  So, adding an oxygen atom allows air or water to convey that extra atom to whatever it reaches.  That is why we are seeing many cleaning products boasting of adding OXYGEN to their ingredients, or add hydrogen peroxide to their cleaning product.  Oxygen is nature's solution to pollution.  And, when it does it work, it generally reverts back to its original state.

Decon Five uses the power of hydrogen peroxide, yet it avoids the pitfall of many hydrogen peroxide products that have added hydrogen peroxide to product ingredients.  At 20% or more, hydrogen peroxide is caustic and can bleach items or burn your skin.  When mixed, Decon Five reaches about 4% hydrogen peroxide which is actually quite low.  That is why we see a pH of about 9, and water is 7.  So, Decon Five is not much more corrosive than water.

Did you know that one way to make hydrgen peroxide is to saturate water with ozone?  This is why you might think of hydrogen peroxide as "Liquid Ozone".

The trick is that Decon Five does not rely on high levels of hydrogen peroxide to do the work.  Hydrogen peroxide is an activator of the other inert ingredient that "Power Up" when it is mixed.  Rather than hydrogen peroxide with its benefits, we get so much more when it is teamed up with the special blend of ingredients in Decon Five.

Rarely can we find a true All-in-One product with this amazing list of excellent applications.  It generally takes 3-6 cleaning products to match what Decon Five can do in various challenges.  Yes, it is a fantastic cleaner with the ability to remove difficult curry problems.  And, it is a powerful odor elimination product that isn't topical like ozone, but in contact with surfaces and fabrics with the ability to penetrate even deep-seated problems.

Decon Five kills mold, mildew, fungi, algae, and yeast on contact.  And leaves a mildewstat that inhibit future mold growth.

And, Decon Five neutralizes VOCs and chemical residue to decontaminate and detoxify buildings.  This EPA registered product is approved for use in food eating and preparation areas, HVAC systems, and safe for everything from dentist and medical offices to veterinarian and kennel areas.

And, Decon Five is biodegradable and leaves no toxic residue.  As harmless as this product is, we are impressed with its universal power to replace a ton of far more dangerous cleaning products currently on your shelves.

Should services using ozone consider shifting to Decon Five.  The answer is obvious.  Decon Five does everything ozone does and more.  In fact, ozone services can now run their ozone machines for 1/4th or 1/3rd of their normal time, and follow with Decon Five to get a better end result and get the job done in a much shorter time on the job.  Read more about Decon Five