Pass Mold Remediation Final Inspection

Particle Meter Mold TestingIn any mold remediation, the proof of the success of the service is the final mold spore count.  The mold remediation service has done its job, and it appears that the mold is gone.  But, mold will produce spores as long as it is alive.  So, a final mold spore count is the best indication of the success of the mold removal process.  This can be done by a air sample test sent to a lab, which takes several days.  Or, there is a the real-time testing with a particle count meter that allows for actual BEFORE and AFTER remediation statistics.

A particle counter will not tell you what kind of mold is in the building, but mold spores fall into a certain size grouping.  Based on the particle count results, customers can see for themselves the value of the mold service.  

Jerry Dicus of Earth Safe Environmental has been using a particle count meter to show his customers the impact of his mold remediation services.  Jerry has added Decon Five to his primary remediation tools.  The spray solution can be applied at the beginning to kill mold prior to cleaning, which is an added safety measure for his workers.  He also uses the Decon Five spray after the physical remediation to assure a complete mold kill and to remove and neutralize any mold spores in the house.

Recently, a new home had standing water in the basement, and mold took over.  The count was as high as 2500 prior to the treatment, after the final treatment, the count was 11 the next day after the Decon Five was applied.  And, this was not a single example of the success of the Decon Five application.

In a previous case, the count was ranging between 1000 and 3500.  After a full remediation and spray treatment with Decon Five, the count was just 50.  This is a very impressive result.  

Mold remediation service typically run air scrubbers 24/7 to capture and hold mold spreads and prevent their spread, but the mold problem has often been festering for years.  So, it is to be expected that mold spore and mycotoxins are everywhere in the house, in the air ducts, and resting in less conspicuous areas.

Decon Five is applied using a ULV fogger to treat the air, all areas, and even the air ducts.  The Decon Five mist grabs the mold spores, neutralizes them and their mycotoxins, and clears the house of the latent threat from viable spores that could restart the mold infestation and aggravate respiratory or allergy conditions.