Post Fire Smoke Odor Removal

Post Fire Clean upAnyone familiar with house fire restoration knows that the challenges of recovering from a fire.  More than the physical damage done by the fire and heat, other factors must be considered when restoring a house or building after a fire.  

There are two things most average people may not realize.  The heat caused the odor problems to embed into all types of material, including wood.  When heated many materials open or expand allowing the smoke pollution to be drawn into the material, even if th material is not charred.  So, treating the unburned material is as important as removing the burned areas.

Secondly, the smoke is a complex mix of many caustic ingredients.  Chemicals and oxides that were part of th fire makes that black smoke that goes everywhere.  Everything in the house will have the smoke smell.  Even a small, localized fire can cause smoke damage throughout the house.

So after the fire is put out, the hard work of cleanup is the most obvious task.  This is a lot of hard work, and should be done as quickly as possible.  In addition, do not try to save damaged goods unless they have tremendous personal value.  There are services that will treat personal belongings to remove the smoke smell.

But, once the cleanup is done, the smoke odor can linger for years.  You will smell it every time you walk in from the fresh air, or those with a sensitive nose will smell the odor throughout the day.

More than cleaning, the best way to eliminate persistent odors is a detoxification and decontamination.  Why?  Because the problem goes beyond cleaning and it is deeper than the surface.  Decon Five is delivered in a fine mist that has fantastic chemical neutralizing power.  Decon Five has been used to decontaminate drug and meth houses, so this treatment can do what cleaning products cannot.

Many odors have a chemical component that cleaning product do not solve.  Cigarette smoke, for example, has dozens of aromatic chemicals.  So, cigarette smoke problems are more than a cleaning issue.  Neutralizing the chemical pollutants is a true game changer for cleaning, remediation, or restoration services.

Decon Five can be used in two primary cycles.  First of all, use the Decon Five system to "Knock Down Odors" before the cleanup work begins.  This helps workers who must be concerned about breathing noxious fumes.  

Secondly, Decon Five is used at the very end of the clean up process.  After all the work is done, but before the reconstruction, use Decon Five to treat every square inch of the building.  The ability of this product to destroy odors at the source and neutralize the chemical residue is very important.

Solving odor issues at the source is critical for best results.  Decon Five is delivered in a spray mist that reaches into the material.  Its has amazing power to denature, detoxify, and neutralize multiple problems at the source.  Cleaning is needed to prepare the area for detoxification, but is not the best solution.  Decon Five is the treatment that delivers the right solution where it is needed.