Post Flood Damage Prevention

Flood Recovery In a flood, the response time is critical.  But, in a large scale flood event, everything slows down as the community's first priority is safety resumption of basic services.  The ability to get professional help can be incredibly slow, so the residents affected by the flood are hard-put to get the quick response that a flood forces upon them.

As everyone should know, the first pressing task is to get the water out of the house or building as soon as possible.  Then, ventilate the building to assist in the drying process.  

Then, what?  Well, in most cases everyone waits their turn to get service people, insurance appraisers, and workers on the job.  The bigger the flood, the longer you can expect the services to take.  After all, the exterior issues can be weeks to clear away, so the manpower is always on the people and the basic services.

But, the longer the building goes untreated the worse problems become.  Notably, mold and mildew are certain to follow.  Even after draining away the flood water, carpet, drywall, furniture, and debris retain plenty of festering water.  And, mold only needs 72-96 hours to literally crawl up walls and eventually take over the whole house.

Post-Flood Stabilization Program

What is critically important is to STABILIZE THE BUILDING until the real work can start, and that isn't well understood.  Do not wait for any service person, insurance adjuster, or builder.  H2o2 Decon Five is a spray application that does a fantastic job of preventing further damage.  

DECONTAMINATION:  Flood water can be horribly polluted.  Not only is sewer water, but lots of organic debris is added to the building.  Decon Five is a broad spectrum decontamination product that will kill pathogens, neutralize chemicals, and basically decontaminate every environmental threat in the house.  

MOLD KILLING POWER:  Decon Five will kill mold and mildew on contact.  It also damages mold spores so they cannot reproduce.  An Initial Shock Treatment (IST) will basically neutralize much of the possible future damage and inhibit additional mold and mildew growth.  Decon Five also has a moldstat that will inhibit mold growth as long as no new water is introduced to the treated area.

SANITIZING POWER:  More than pollution, the flood water will carry an immense number of pathogens that can make people sick.  Decon Five is a six-log sanitizer (that is 99.9999% germ-killing power).  The only thing worse than the work to clean and restore your home, you do not want to get sick doing so.

ODOR REMOVAL:  Decon Five is one of the best odor removal products ever.  That is because it oxidizes the the source of the odor.  It can be an organic source, which is usually a foul smell.  Or, it can be a chemical source that is usually an odd smell.  Because Decon Five will neutralize a multitude of chemical threats, the problem will resolve.

After the IST, we recommend monthly Interim Maintenance Treatments (IMT) that will go a long way in preserving the building until the real work can begin.  The process is simple since it is a spray application, and can be set up on a scheduled cycle with a professional service.  (  The bottom line is not allowing the house to endure further damage before and during the post-flood restoration work.

Flood Damage Prevention Decontaminates Five Review


If your remediation service does not currently have access to Decon Five to perform these post-flood damage prevention steps, ask them to get in touch with our office.  This is a solution that every flood restoration and mold remediation service should have.