Property Management Odor Elimination

Decon Five

Every property management service knows the problems of rehabing apartments after a family moves out. The cleanup can be simple or massive.  There is one process that should be adopted for every apartment turn over.  Decon Five is a spray/fog application with exceptional ability to remove odors, kill mold on contact, sanitize, and detoxify an apartment with one treatment.  It is best applied after the cleanup and before any painting.  Avoid "Painting Over" smoke, cooking, and foul odors.  Paint only traps the smell and makes any secondaray odor treatment less effective.

A proper Decon Five treatment is considered a "Full Decontamination" of the treated areas.  Other product can only do so much, and if you add them all up, Decon Five is a premium service as a compariable price.

Property managers will love Decon Five because it applies quickly in a fogging process, dries quickly without any odd odor, and allows occupancy shortly after the treatment.  The turn-around time is fifteen minutes after the treatment, and the impact is profound.  Odd and foul smells will be totally eliminated, and the apartment or condo is a "Naturally Neutral" as it can be.  The seven-log sanitizing may not be something you can see, but imagine the PR value of saying that the apartment is Fully Sanitized, Detoxified, and ready for the next propsective tenants or buyers.