Real Estate Investors Rehab Secret

Real Estate Investing OdorsAny real estate investor knows that every business decision can have a financial impact.  Wrong choices can be costly, and good decisions can yeild large profits.  There are a lot of unknowns in real estate.  So what do you do when you discover that your investment property has odor issues that may discourage potential buyers?  The most common odors come from pets, smoking, food, and lack of cleaning from the previous tenants. 

The worst thing you can do is to paint over the odors or try to cover them up with deoderizers and other fragrances .  Painting will cover up the contaminants, bad odor, tar, and pollutants for a short time. No matter what kind of paint that is used, the resident odors will come back over time.  This would be like putting trash in a garbage bag that smells good.  The smell will eventually come out and it will be just as bad.

Decon Five is a broad spectrum decontamination product that is applied to all surfaces after the property has been cleaned and cleared out.  Decon Five will eliminate the worst of odors.  Every investor knows the embarrassment of an "odd smell in the house".  This problem will turn off many good buyers and force the price down for those who are willing to make an offer.

If there is mold in the house, the cost to treat it can be another huge expense.  But, Decon Five is an EPA registered product that will kill mold and mildew on contact.  After the application, the mold literally turns white as it dies.

If there were drugs used in the building or other pollutants, the health of the new residents may be at risk.  Decon Five neutralizes the chemical residue in the building, leaving it free of odors.

Finally, Decon Five brings a broad-spectrum decontamination process that neutralize all type of problem issues whether odor, smoke, mold, or toxic residdue.  New owners get the benefit of a safe and healthy building for their family ... without stale or offensive odors.

One more thing, if there are unwanted insects in the home, our new Arthrocide spray will kill all types of pests, insects, and their eggs.  So, consider how many products, services, and hours of labor it would take to accomplish what one treatment of Decon Five or Decon Arthro can do.  Time is money, delays are costly, and waiting on service providers adds to frustration.

Decon Five is an amazingly simple and comprehensive treatment that should be part of every property rehab.  Cleaning carpets and painting walls is not the best way make a home more inviting.  One of our most primitive and influential senses is smell.  Why not solve that problem before it ruins a possible deal.