Join a Live Class before they Fill Up

Detoxification Classes

I wanted to visit major areas across the country, but things are happening very fast.  I can only offer drive-in or fly-in options for those who really want to see the core of our success.  Frankly, one day are not enough, but I will certainly load your wagon with things you need and want for your success.  Plus, we provide a tremendous ongoing mentoring and guidance program.

Feb 8th at the DoubleTree 2600 Yorkmont Rd, Charlotte, NC 
(Find rates about $115/night)

Mar 22 in Tampa FL and Mar 23 in Miami FL  
(Hotel location TBA)

ONE DAY ONLY per city.  We will not return for a year, so drive, fly, or catch a train .... but be there.  These classes are a roadmap to a fantastic business with a low entry cost.

I will start the training at 9 am with the introduction and technical stuff.  You really need to understand the power and range of what we are offering.  And, it is astounding.  We get into the practices and protocols tht you will use to do the work using just ONE EXTRAORDINARY PRODUCT.  

After Noon, we move to applications and protocols, so you know how to enjoy the success on the job we are getting. Then, we delve into marketing and business development.

I'll stay after the class to give one-on-one time to anyone with questions.   

Here's the deal.  You click the button below to pay $100 deposit and get the $350 price.  We have a room set up for 12 people, 14 max.  We are already at 5 people.  So, you need to make up your mind quickly. This is going to be an information-rich event that opens the door of your future success. Actually, success starts inside you.  I only add fuel and point in the right direction.

Travel & room not included