How to Remove the Curry Smell from Real Estate

Curry odor in Real EstateOne real estate agent once said, "The only way to get the curry smell out of real estate is to burn it to the ground."   Of course, he was joking, but the reality is that there is nearly nothing short of intense cleaning, total remodeling, new carpet, and new paint that even comes close.  The cost is thousands of dollars, scheduling various contractor services, hope the effort pays off.

Or, you could use the Decon Five system that has amazing ability to effectively treat every square inch of the house with an environmentally-safe spray.  While a deep cleaning will still be required, a professional treatment with Decon Five will solve the curry odor problem better than anything on the market.

Start with Decon Five for Carpet that is a low-foaming cleaning solution that does an amazing job of cleaning.  The use Decon Five for Air to finish the job.  This mist touches every surface, strips the air, and can be used in the air duct system.  Essentially, when the full treatment is applied, the curry odor has no place to hide, and results are incredible.

Of course, Decon Five removes all types of odors from real estate.  Decon Five treats for pet odors, smoke smell, and even marijuana smell.  We can clean bad-smelling carpet with the product to better clean and eradicate carpet odors.  And, if there is a bad mold and mildew odor, we solve that problem too.

But, other than a hoarder home, curry odor is probably the most deep-seat problem that nearly nothing else can solve.  In one example, an apartment had had the carpets cleaned and a cleaning crew that did a deep clean; but the curry odor still remained.  For many apartment managers and real estate agents, curry odor makes the property hard to rent and even forces big discounts.  There is a way to get your property back to a neutral and new tenant-friendly condition.