Best Method for Pet Urine in Carpet

Pet odors are tough because topical cleaning isn't enough.  You can clean the carpet, and you can treat the room; but the odor remains.  This is, as you can see in the diagram, because the urine is much deeper than your cleaning solution.  The urine is a rich food source for bacteria, and bateria is what makes the bd odor.

To get the job done, there are only two options.  Tear out the carpet and padding, and replace it with new carpet and padding.  Or to neutralize the odor AT THE SOURCE.  This is where Decon Five proves once again that it is the All-in-One solution.  Pour and spray to saturate the urine area with Decon Five for carpet in 1:9 ratio with water to saturate the urine spots.  Wait ten minutes, then extract the area.

Let the product work for about ten minutes and wet vac out as much as possible.  The process can be repeated, but if done right, the problem will be resolved in one treatment.  Decon Five for Carpet will break up the urine deposit, neutralize the threat, and pull it out as it is removed.

If you are in a bad situation where the carpet and padding are so bad it is beyond salvation, you will still need to soak the subfloor with the Decon Five for Carpet mixture.  Saturate the subfloor allowing it to soak into the wood.  

Odors will migrate and permeate all areas of the room.  So, the next step is to thoroughly treat all areas of the room or building.  You can even treat the air ducts.  The success we all want comes from leaving no area untreated.  If odors remain after a Decon Five treatment, the product didn't fail.  You missed something.  

Combine Decon Five for Carpet and to deodorize and sanitize the air, then all surfaces and cleanse the air for a total detoxication and decontamination treatment.