Restaurant Rescue - Inspection Problems

Restaurant Rescue - Inspection ProblemsHow does a restaurant recover from an bad inspection grade, warnings, fines, or literal shut down order?  In the day of social media, Yelp reviews, and nasty trolls; small problems can quickly become a huge threat to the economic survival of a restaurant.  The thin margin of profit for any food service depends on customer loyalty and a good reputation.

What happens when an inspection issue hits?  Well, it is likely that critical sanitary duties have been neglected.  If allowed to continue, the public health is at risk; and the news can spread in the community.  

No matter the inconvenience, every restaurant needs to get ahead of inspection, cleaning, and health issues as quickly as possible.  Smart restaurants work diligently to maintain the health, cleanliness, and sanitizing standards.  Others have to play catch-up and Decon Five can be the smart decision for both.

Restaurant issues arise from multiple sources.  We refer to this as OMG Sanitized (Odor, Mold, and Germs):

     1- Odor problems
     2- Mold problems

     3- Germ and mildew

Odors and germs are the big issues, but know that Decon Five is a multi-purpose spray treatment for all these problems.  One treatment is covering a lot of bad things.  We know that cleaning is never enough, and there are are too many neglecting good cleaning practices as well.  The need to bring in a weekly or bi-weekly anticking program is a good way to fill in the gaps of normal cleaning.

So, How do We Repair Your Reputation?

Lets start with an EPA registered product that is a 99.99999% effective sanitizer.  The EPA registration allows for use in food preparation and eating areas.  The service is done  prior to a good cleaning program, so allow an hour for the sanitizing process then get your team on point so the cleaning is top quality.

Decon Five is more than a sanitizer.  It is a fantastic odor elimination process.  So, your customers will not be offended by some odd and offensive odors.  

As a very-effective "No Touch" process, the sanitizing spray can be applied to the stinky bathrooms, that smell backroom where the trash goes, and under the bar where mystery odors arise.

Decon Five will kill mold and mildew on contact, so another troublesome problem can be some.  Expect a vast improvement of the Indoor Air Quality in your facility as well.

Here's the bonus!  If your restaurant will adopt the standards of our Decon Five Germ Guard program, we will award your restaurant this door sticker, or provide a poster for all to see.  People only need a reason to return and trust in the quality of your food and service.  

Here are the standards:

     1- Bi-weekly santizing with th Decon Five product
     2- Followed by a top--to-bottom cleaning of all areas
     3- Adoption of Sanitary practices for all workers
          a- Sick workers stay home
          b- A strong commitment to handwashing
          c- Improve practices for table cleaning
          d- Green products for cleaning the facility

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