Get Rid of Biting Mites

Biting MitesIn recent years, we are seeing the rise of Biting Mites.  Mites are nearly microscopic insects in the arachnid family, and arachnids are generally called arthropods.  Most mites are no concern to humans. So, dust mites are common to every home and they live on the discarded skin flakes of humans and pets.  The only concern for dust mites is an allergic reaction to the digestive protein in the dust mite feces.

Scabies is another type of mite that lives on blood and digs into the skin to cause a itchy, nasty rash.

Biting mites are often referred to as fowl mites and they live mostly in this realm.  They are brought into the house by pets or through close association with birds.  Some reports that pets may collect mites when in areas that birds have been, and transport them inside.  They will bite humans, but you are not their preferred target.  

As with any insect, they can set up home in your carpet and furniture, and they are very difficult to eliminate.  You can treat the redness or rash with topical salves, but the problem can be a constant and irritating nuisance.  

If you are adverse to spraying semi-toxic pesticide products around your living and eating areas, you may want to consider Decon Arthro.  This is product specifically effective in killing anthropoid and their eggs.  Deacon Five is not a noxious chemical that adds to the toxic soup of a building, but attacks the insect at the DNA level making them die without a poison solution.

Decon Five is also effective on other types of arthropods, like: ants, spiders, scorpions, roaches, fleas, and more.  This is a contact kill product meaning it does not rely on a residual coating to kill stray bugs, but that is purely intentional.  Insects are always an ongoing battle without any true one-time killing treatment.  It is best to understand that solving insect issues is a war of attrition accomplished by cleaning, destroying habitat, and killing bugs and egg.  The process is literally a "War of Attrition" as the ability to kill insects and their eggs wears away the problem.