Safely Get Rid of Roaches, Silverfish, Ants, and More

Apartment Insect Control

Rid of Roaches in ApartmentsInsects are attracted to safe, dark, areas where there is food and water.  So, is should be no surprise that they like living around humans.  If the apartment or house isn't properly cleaned each day, you can expect roaches and ants will thrive and may overwhelm daily living.  

Property managers can only do so much.  They do not control how often tenants clean or take out the trash.  So, they resort to spraying for pests based on a needed basis.  But, other than killing the roaches they see, how much good does that do?  In most cases, the pesticides being used adds to the toxic bioload and sick people actually get sicker.

Roaches are more then a pest.  They are a health threat.  Their feces and saliva contain more the twenty-three diseases.  And, when the feces dries, it flakes into the air causing a persistent threat to everyone.  Is it any wonder than there is a larger percent of people with respiratory issues in collective housing areas?

To be very blunt, here are the big issues with roaches and other pests:

     - Bad odors
     - Infectious disease
     - Rampant insect colonization

Decon Arthro is a broad spectrum decontamination product that also kills the most common types of insects.  It quickly kills: roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, scorpions, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, beetles, centipedes, and wasps.  In addition, the product also kills the eggs of these arthropods.

But, this EPA Registered product is biodegradable and leaves no toxic residue.  But, there's more ....

     - Decon Arthro eliminates bad odors
     - Decon Arthro delivers a seven-log sanitizing treatment
     - Decon Arthro kills mold and mildew
     - Decond Arthro neutralizes VOCs and chemical residue

Property managers now have an All-in-One product for the worst of tenant problems that will not hurt tenants but will DECON an apartment in minutes using nothing more than a ULV fogger.