Sanitizing Medical Buildings and Hospital Rooms

Sanitizing Medical BuildingsHospital Sanitizer

Better Sanitizing for Medical Buildings!  Get rid of all your ineffective, semi-toxic, and shelf-clutter sanitizing products and use ONE PRODUCT for all cleaning, sanitizing, and odor problem issues.  Non-toxic, non-polluting, and eco-friendly; yet is absolutely knocks odors out.

You already know that your present sanitizing products come with some heavy warnings, even if they are routinely ignored now.  But, did you know that nurses and hospital cleaning staff have one of the highest rates of later-life asthma and COPD from their constant exposure to harsh, VOC-laden cleaning products?

Cleaning is the normal routine, but sanitizing is a higher level of any health service.  The focus on the immediate effect of sanitizing a building or room should not ignore the long-term impact of cleaning and sanitizing products.  At this point in time, we now know what VOCs and TICs are, and that the have long-term effects on the health of workers in the building.  

Sanitize patient rooms, including curtains, bathrooms, and walls with our NO TOUCH system.  Using a spray bottle or ULV fogger, treat all surfaces.  Decon Medical denatures blood and body fluids making them harmless, eliminates odors, sanitizes all forms of bacteria and virus without harsh chemicals that adversely affect the staff and patients.  

Instead of multiple products with multiple hazard concerns, Decon Medical is the All-in-One decontamination solution that is easily applied by the cleaning staff without concern for immediate or long term staff and patient health issues.  Decon Medical produces no gases, VOCs, or TICs; and it leaves no chemical residue behind.

Decon Medical does provide a high level of benefits from a single pass application:

  • Decon Medical offers a six log killing ability against ally types of pathogens
  • Decon Medical will eliminate foul odors at the source
  • Decon Medical will kill mold and mildew and neuter mold spores
  • Decon Medical will denature blood, urine, feces, and body fluids
  • Decon Medical will neutralize chemical residue and contaminants
  • Decon Medical can easily be applied to soft or hard surfaces without damage
  • Decon Medical is quickly applied allowing normal operation in minutes after treatment

Consider how many products must be purchased to match what Decon Medical offers.  Even if they are less expensive individually, they area more expensive collectively and represent on ongoing liability concern for the proper use of products used by the staff.  Knowing that Decon Medical is EPA registered, non-toxic, easily applied, and leaves no chemical residue in invaluable to a quality operation.

In a discussion about sanitizing, we are elevating the process to a full decontamination program that includes a six log pathogen kill.  Research labs, the military, or other medical facilities has raised the level of disease prevention to a full decontamination/sanitizing process with this activated hydrogen peroxide-based product.

Unlike other activated hydrogen peroxide alternatives, Decon Medical has yet another important benefit.  This unique produce penetrates and destroys the biofilm that protects bacteria and virus from other cleaning and sanitizing products.  When the biofilm is destroyed, the sanitizing process has a much higher level of success.