Super Safe Restaurant Program

Restaurant Food Safety

When it comes to food, safety and sanitizing has to be a huge emphasis.  In the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant, it is easy to let a few things slip.  Before long, those few things become big mistakes.  One sick employee who shows up to fill a shift may be absolutely essential to the operation, but opens the door to more sick workers.

The water in the bucket used to clean tables can be spreading germs.  How often have we seen the same rag and water used to wipe down counters ... and seats?  

Why do bathrooms always smell like they were cleaned last week?  Are there "Mystery Odors" floating about that are hard to find and cure?  Is the backroom with trash, boxes, and storage located just feet from the cooking area?

The OMG Sanitized program is the best way to neutralize threat.  We treat every area with a 99.99999% misting system that has three values:

Germ Guard to destroy germs wherever they hide
Odor Guard to wipe out odors that offend

Mold Guard to destroy a common threat to any building

By adopting our basic program to earn the OMG Sanitized logo, your restaurant or food service does more than advertise the OMG Sanitized claim.  You know that you have taken the extra steps to safeguard the health of your operation, your food, and your customers.

Odors Mold GermsYes, our OMG Sanitized program extends to Gyms, Veterinary Clinics and Pet Care Facilities, Schools and Sports Areas, Medical facilities, and Public buildings.  Actually, the process is very efficient and easy to follow.  Let us work with your staff to develop a set of policies and practices that will protect your reputation and your customers.  Then, you can proudly display the OMG Sanitized seal on your door.  This seal is "Earned, not Bought"