Is Your Apartment Rental Drug Contaminated?

Remove drug residue Every property manager knows that there are some apartments that seem like "trouble", and cleaning isn't doing the job.  It can be bad odors, or complaints from new renters.

Well, it could be drug contamination from previous tenants.  It can be residue powder from cocaine, contaminated surfaces from smoking meth, or simple marijuana smoke.  How can you know.

Unknown to you, some otherwise good tenants like using rented apartments for their petty drug cutting or drug making operation.  The chemicals in the apartment can be way beyond health standards.  and, then you will have complaints from the new tenants.

Try doing a cheap surface drug test.  You may never know if there were drugs used in the apartment or house unless you test.  You may find something similar at Walgreens or CVS.  Drug decontamination can be very difficult or surprisingly simple.

But, here's a better idea.  Turing over the apartment is a time issue.  So, why not just assume that drugs were used, odors exist, smoke smell haunts the place, and biological contamination is likely.  Cut through the unknown and treat the apartment with h2o2 Decon Five to totally decontaminate, detoxify, deodorizes, and sanitizing in ONE COMPLETE TREATMENT.

Decon Five is a spray-on treatment applied with a ULV fogger, and it is proven to solve the many contaminants in the apartment or house.  Think of the time saving!  Why wait for tests, juggle services, schedule treatments, and lose days and weeks to get an apartment ready.  Instead, schedule every apartment for detoxification and decontamination treatments that are done in an hour by your maintenance people, the the apartment is ready to show an hour later.

Decon Five is an EPA Registered product that is easy to apply.  There is no after-smell, and the process is amazingly effective.